Written Feedback Appointments

In a Written Feedback Appointment, the consultant will read and respond to your work, and will return written feedback at the end of your appointment time. There is no live conversation with your consultant.

Making an appointment

To reserve a Written Feedback Appointment, log in to WCOnline, our online appointment system, and click on an open white box to reserve an appointment. The Writers Workshop has both undergraduate and graduate consultants, so selecting your university standing will help pair you with the right consultant. You can find more information about our consultants on our “Meet the Staff” page.

When you’ve selected a time slot, go on to fill out the Appointment Form and upload your writing as a doc or docx file. You must upload your writing at least 30 minutes before the appointment. Your consultant will read and respond to your writing during the allotted appointment time. You’ll receive your consultant’s feedback at the end of the appointment period. For example, if you choose a slot of 3:00-4:00 p.m. CT, then you’ll receive written feedback by 4:00 p.m. CT.

Filling out the appointment form

Since Written Feedback Appointments involve no discussion between consultant and writer, it’s important that you provide details up-front about your assignment, your writing, and your hopes for the consultation in our Appointment Form. Please fill it out in detail:

  • Describe your writing task or assignment. You are encouraged to upload or link to assignment prompts, rubrics, or other relevant information.
  • Please consider that consultants can spend only 50 minutes reading and responding to your draft, so you should limit yourself to no more than 2-3 areas of concern. If your draft is particularly long, please note the specific sections of your draft on which you’d like the consultant to focus.
  • Consider including a few questions, comments, or highlights in the draft you are uploading. The consultant reading this draft can then respond even more directly to your concerns. However, please do not submit a draft with too many comments.
  • Tell us about any learning or technology accommodations or needs, such as larger or weighted fonts.

Receiving feedback

At the end of your appointment hour, you will receive two emails from WCOnline. One contains what we call a Client Report Form, where the consultant will provide an overview of their feedback. The other email will include your draft with the consultant’s marginal comments. The Client Report Form and commented-on draft are meant to be read together.

As you review your consultant’s comments, we encourage you to remember that feedback is based on the information you provided and the concerns expressed in your Appointment Form. Our consultant only has 50 minutes to read and respond to your work, and so will typically comment on 2-3 main concerns.


Our Written Feedback Appointments are a new service. We hope that they will make our services more accessible to students who might have difficulty attending our live Online Consultations due to issues like different time zones or unstable internet connections.

Because these appointments are limited, we are restricting students to only 1 Written Feedback Appointment per week. You can reserve your appointment up to 7 days in advance. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

The file(s) you upload to WCOnline will need to be doc or docx files. Files must be 5MB or smaller. If you are working with another file format, like PDF or Google Docs, you will need to convert to doc or docx. Typically this function will be in the “File” dropdown of the program. In Adobe Acrobat, for example, you can convert a PDF to a doc by going to File -> Export To and choosing “Microsoft Word.” On Google Drive, you can download your Google doc as a Word doc by going to File -> Download and choosing Microsoft Word (docx.).

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