Campus Resources

The University of Illinois provides assistance to students through a number of resources. See below for more information about some of these services. The Division of General Studies also maintains a list of available academic resources.

Career Center

The Career Center provides Illinois students with support focused on career and professional development, including resumes, cover letters, and Linkin reviews, mock interviews, and career coaching. Visit the Career Center website for more information.

Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE) 

CARE provides academic resources to undergraduate engineering students. These include workshops, tutoring, study groups, peer advising, and course review sessions. Visit the CARE tutoring website to learn more about their services.

Chemistry Learning Center

The Chemistry Learning Center provides help with homework and space and resources to study to undergraduates who are enrolled in general chemistry. Visit the Chemistry Learning Center website for more information.

Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES)

DRES coordinates services for students with disabilities and provides a range of services to students with documented disabilities, from adapted testing to campus accessibility issues to assisted living and accessible transportation. Visit the DRES website for more information.

Econ Tutoring Center

Student tutors at the Econ Tutoring Center offer tutoring on general questions and concepts for a variety of courses. Visit the Econ Tutoring Center website for more information.

Gies College of Business Peer Tutoring

Gies Peer Tutors provide individual and group tutoring sessions for Business majors for a variety of courses, including FIN 221 and ECON courses. Visit the Gies Peer Tutoring website for more information.

Graduate Career Development Office 

The Graduate Career Development Office supports graduate students and postdocs during their graduate and post0graduate career and during the job market. They provide appointments with career advisors, workshops, job postings, video tutorials, and more. Visit the Graduate Career Development Office website for more information.

Graduate College Thesis Office

The Thesis Office provides resources and support for each stage of the thesis or dissertation process. The Thesis Workspace offers information about starting the thesis process, finding work-life balance, and building momentum. You can reserve appointments to discuss time management and goal-setting or to ask quick formatting and deposit questions.

Library Research Consultations

Research Consultations are available for University of Illinois first- and second-year students in general and introductory classes. Individual consultations provide students with personalized support and guidance tailored to their research needs. Students can receive help with their research in different ways, such as finding sources, evaluating information, discovering alternative search terms for your topic, and more. For students in higher-level classes and graduate students, please consult with your subject specialist librarian.

Math Tutoring

The Mathematics Department offers free tutoring to students. Visit their tutoring page for more information.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources

This site will help you decide what kind of assistance you need and how to get connected to services for mental health, wellness, access, and accommodation.

Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Learning Center

In addition to providing a space and resources for studying, many TAs and professors from the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology hold office hours at the MCB Learning Center. Students can meet with any TA assigned to their specific course at the MCB Learning Center. Visit the MCB Learning Center website for more information.

Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) Tutoring and Academic Services 

The Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) Tutoring and Academic Services provides a range of services and resources, including tutoring, structured study groups, academic skills consultations, and review sessions. Visit the OMSA Tutoring and Academic Services website for more information.

Student Assistance Center

Part of the Office of the Dean of Students, the Student Assistance Center offers resources for a variety of issues related to physical and mental health, course attendance, technology access, and several other areas. They’re also a great starting point when you need help but aren’t sure where to go. Visit the Student Assistance Center website for more information.

The Speaking Center

The Speaking Center is available for University of Illinois students to use for assistance to help with public speaking skills for individual or group presentations, as well as provide language conversation opportunities. They provide a range of services, including one-to-one speaking consultations, public speaking workshops, and language conversation sessions. Visit The Speaking Center website for more information.