Policies for Writers:

Writers Workshop Code of Conduct:

The Writers Workshop operates within the larger inclusive and professional environment of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In creating a diverse and respectful environment, the Writers Workshop will not accept verbal abuse or acts of intolerance, including those based on race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, political orientation, language, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, education, ability, neurodiversity, socioeconomic, cognitive, appearance, and other identities in any and all of our educational settings. These policies are applicable in in-person and online environments. All participants (consultants, staff, and writers) have the right to conclude a session at any point if they feel uncomfortable. The Writers Workshop aims to maintain a safe, supportive, and healthy working environment for both the writers and the consultants.

If participants violate this conduct policy, consequences may include being denied appointments with specific tutors, permanent or temporary ban from the Writers Workshop, and/or being reported to a campus official.

Appointment Policies:

  • Writers may currently have up to 2 appointments per week (the week begins on Monday), across all schedules.
  • Appointment reservations may be made up to 10 days in advance.
  • If you are 10 or more minutes late for your appointment, we may mark it as “missed” and give that time to another writer.
  • If you miss 3 appointments in a semester, you will be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester.
  • You may cancel appointments up to 4 hours before your session. After that, we will mark your appointment as missed. Please call the Writers Workshop in the case of extenuating circumstances (217-333-8796, wow@illinois.edu).
  • If you have made an appointment for a group project, please indicate that on the appointment form. We require that at least half of a group’s members are present for the appointment.
  • All appointments must be made under your own name and email account. You may use only one email account. Users with more than one account, who make an appointment under another person’s account, or who allow another person to make an appointment under their account may be blocked for the rest of the semester.
  • The writing you bring must be your own (collaborative or co-authored work is fine). Users who bring other writers’ work may be asked to leave theWriters Workshop Image session or their account may be blocked for the rest of the semester.
  • The Writers Workshop offers limited one-on-one writing consultations to recent alums of UIUC. To learn more and schedule an appointment, please contact the Writers Workshop directly by email wow@illinois.edu or by phone (217) 333-8796. The Writers Workshop is typically booked from midterms through finals, so you most likely will not be able to see a consultant during this period. 
  • If you would like to hire an editor, you can refer to the English Department’s list of Editors for Hire. These editors typically work for hourly/per project rate, which should be negotiated with the individual. You can also find information about the ESL Program’s tutor and editor list through the Department of Linguistics.

Additional In-Person Appointment Policies:

  • When you check in with our receptionist, you’ll be asked to show your Building Access Status on either your Illinois App or Boarding Pass.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear face coverings in instructional spaces. This is in accordance with University policy and expected in this setting.
  • If you are sick, please stay home! You are welcome to contact us, and we can help you switch your appointment to online rather than in-person.
  • For health and safety reasons, we encourage you to bring your own laptop (or check one out from the UGL) or to bring two copies of your document. If possible, we suggest creating a shareable Google Doc before your appointment, so that you and your consultant can interact with the text on separate devices.

Additional Live Online Appointment Policies:

Online appointments through the Writers Workshop are an extension of the University’s instructional space. Both writers and consultants should conduct themselves during online consultations the same way they would on campus. To ensure that this is possible, please:

  • Plan ahead to ensure you have access to a space that will enable you to interact with our consultants via video, audio, and/or chat functions.
  • Do not schedule sessions during your classes.
  • Excuse yourself if you need to step away from your device. 
  • We have additional tips about troubleshooting during online appointments here.

Policies for Instructors: 

Requiring students to visit the Writers Workshop

We ask that you avoid making a Writers Workshop visit a class requirement, because we cannot accommodate required use of the Workshop with our current staffing resources. Rather than requiring your students to make an appointment with the Workshop, we encourage you to contact us so that we can provide a tailored in-class presentation to your students. We find that we can accomplish a lot in these large-group formats, and that students are more likely to visit the Workshop after gaining insight into how they can benefit from the one-to-one sessions.

                                                                  Extra credit

Writers Workshop ImageYou might consider providing extra credit for students who visit the Writers Workshop to receive feedback or attend one of our workshops. If you decide to offer a full class extra credit for coming to the Workshop—especially if you teach a high-enrollment course—we ask that you call or email to let us know your students will be coming. To document proof of attendance for writing consultations, your students can request that we copy you on their post-session report form or they can take a picture of their drop-in form. To document proof of attendance at a presentation, your students can take a picture of our powerpoint and/or pick up a handout. While we can provide proof of attendance, with students’ permission, we will protect students’ privacy and authorial agency and will not monitor students who have used our services.

Syllabus Statement

If you’d like to provide your students with information about our services, feel free to use our syllabus statement.

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