In-Person Consultations

Writer smiling During these 50-minute in-person appointments, you’ll work with one of our trained Writers Workshop Consultants, who will assist you with wherever you are in the writing process. Our main in-person location is in the Main Library; check-in at the Orange Room front desk. Find out more about our locations or reserve an appointment through our scheduling system.

Typically, each session will begin with a brief conversation about what you’re working on, your current challenges and strengths, and goals for what you’d like to achieve. It’s helpful to come to your session with 2-3 priorities or questions in mind, given where you are in your writing process and what you hope to accomplish. These sessions are meant to be interactive conversations about your writing, so you can expect to work collaboratively and closely with your consultant throughout each session and to apply the advice they give to your writing in general (both the current text you’re working on as well as future writing). We can work with you at all levels of your text, whether it’s prewriting and outlining, assessing your organization, or adding clarity at the sentence-level. While we don’t necessarily proofread your writing line-by-line, we will work with you on grammar and syntax with the goal of helping you develop effective self-editing strategies. Writing is inherently a social process, and these conversations can also help you envision how your own audience might respond to your work-in-progress.

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