Meet the Staff

Administrative Staff:


Carolyn Wisniewski, Director 

As a writer, teacher, and scholar, I’m committed to the particular learning that takes place during the one-to-one teaching of writing. Before joining the Workshop as its Director, I worked in four university writing centers, an athletic tutoring center, and a non-profit community literacy center. I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in persuasive writing, public writing, writing research methods, composition theory and pedagogy, and writing center theory, research, and practice. My recent research includes qualitative and quantitative studies investigating the processes by which novice teachers of college composition develop pedagogical habits of mind and expertise in teaching writing. In 2018, I was awarded a research grant from the Council of Writing Program Administrators to support a study of how graduate instructors from across the curriculum learn to respond to student writing. I am also currently working with a team of writing center consultants to wrap up a mixed-method, comparative study of face-to-face and online tutorial sessions.

Though I come to Illinois most recently by way of Indiana, PA, I have also spent time in Tennessee, Arkansas, Idaho, Washington, and Michigan. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy cooking, reading hardboiled fiction, hiking, visiting natural history museums, and walking around town with my horgi (huskey-corgi mix), Barley, and my Great Pyrenees, Booger (from Boogertown Gap, Tenn.).


Debbie Carrier, Office Manager 

I have been working at the university for almost 26 years and with the Writers Workshop for 3 years. If you have any questions about the Writers Workshop, I’m a great person to ask!


Evin G., Assistant Director 

I am a PhD candidate in English with a concentration in Writing Studies. My research interests include public rhetorics, rhetorics of memory, gender and rhetoric, and writing center and writing program theory and administration. I’ve taught Rhetoric 105 “Writing and Research,” Rhetoric 233 “Advanced Composition,” INFO/WRIT 303 “Writing Across Media,” and a series of technical writing and writing in engineering courses. I especially enjoy working with writers in the beginning stages of the writing process and on professionally-oriented documents, like personal statements and resumés. Language(s): English.


Charles T., Assistant Director

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the History of Education in Education, Policy, Organization and Leadership. My undergraduate degree was in American History and my minor was in English. I have worked at the Writers Workshop before and find it an extremely enriching experience. Language(s): English.


Nailene G., Office Assistant

I’m currently a senior in Political Science and Latino/a Studies. I’ll be at DePaul in the fall obtaining my Masters in Public Policy. Catch me behind the front desk!

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Mae C., Office Assistant

I am currently a senior in Human Development and Family Studies and minoring in Psychology. Next year I will be attending graduate school for my doctorate in Occupational Therapy! If you have any questions come see me at the front desk! 

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Frank C., Office Assistant

Hi, I am currently in the Division of General Studies, looking into a History Major. I am from the Northwest side of Chicago and involved with 100 Strong, Reaching Across Classrooms, Illinois Scholars Program, Recreational, Filipino Student Association and Asian American Association volleyball here on campus. Language(s): English and Spanish.

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Maggie S., Office Assistant

I am an undergraduate student studying Social Psychology and Gender and Women’s Studies. I also work in two psychology labs here at U of I. Outside of school, I love reading poetry and novels, creative writing and making art.



Alexis K. English / Writing Studies

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of English with a specialization in Writing Studies. My research interests focus on emergent media literacies and queer/feminist rhetoric. Some of the classes I’ve taught before include Rhetoric 105, Business & Technical Writing, Advanced Composition: Social Media Management, and WRIT 303/INFO 303 –Advanced Composition Writing Across Media (WAM). Language(s): English.


Allison K. English / Writing Studies

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Center for Writing Studies, my research
interests include writing centers, writing program administration, writing in college residence halls, and supporting graduate writers. At UIUC, I’ve taught Rhetoric 105 and Rhetoric 233 and have worked with ePortfolios via the Grand Challenge Learning initiative. In the Writers Workshop, I find it especially rewarding to help writers brainstorm ideas and to work with writers on long-term projects. Language(s): English. 

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Anabel N. English / Journalism

I spent one year as a Copy Editor for the Daily Illini, and have a large amount of journalistic writing experience through my Journalism minor. I am most specialized in analytical and argumentative writing through my own personal experience as a writer. Language(s): English.

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Anthony G. Political Science

I’m a last-year Junior in Political Science planning to apply to law school. I’m a member of the UIUC Parliamentary Debate Team, and have interned for various federal agencies and statewide campaigns. I wrote for the DailyIllini, have participated in NANOWRIMO multiple times, and have experience tutoring/teaching. Language(s): English and Russian.

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Anusha B. Creative Writing / Theatre / Theatre Studies and English

I’ve been volunteering for over two years at the Writers Workshop. I do a lot of writing across different mediums so I like looking at structure and
storytelling in a piece of work. I’ve had some articles published on SmilePolitely and Brown Girl Magazine. I love working with any creative work. I also enjoy assisting students with their personal statements and any essays dealing with social issues. Language(s): English and conversational Hindi.


Ashley O. Nutrition

My overall research interest is in understanding how dietary patterns drive disease incidences and formulating prevention strategies. Currently, I study the molecular mechanisms behind the consumption of frying oil and breast cancer recurrence. I have tutored in the Writers Workshop for three years. I have worked on several manuscripts, 1 of which is published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research and another will be coming out soon in Cell Proliferation. I also contribute to a blog for the American Society of Nutrition. Feel free to look for my work! Language(s): English.


Autumn W. Curriculum and Instruction / Language and Literacy Education

I have a B.A. in Rhetoric and a M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration. I worked as the Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Studies for three semesters and I have taught seven advanced composition courses in Writing Studies and Education. Mentoring and working one-on-one with students to improve their writing has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my academic career. Language(s): English.


Brendan M. English and Political Science

This is my fifth year as a writing tutor and my third year at the Writers Workshop. While I enjoy working with all writers on any form of composition, I particularly enjoy helping novice level/freshman comp and multilingual writers. As a former newspaper editor, tutor and freelance editor, I would be happy to help you at any stage of the writing process. Language(s): English and Spanish (Proficient).


Bri L. English/ Writing Studies

I’m a third-year doctoral student in the English department affiliated with
the Center for Writing Studies. At Cal State San Bernardino, I earned my M.A. in Composition with dual emphases in literature and applied linguistics, and I possess a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language. Here at Illinois, I have taught both Rhetoric 105 and Informatics 303: Writing Across Media. I can assist you with any traditional or multimodal text that you’re working on, and I particularly enjoy working with writers on long-term writing projects. Language(s): English.

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Caitriona P. JD / MBA

Caitriona has experience in legal writing and different forms of business writing including white papers and memos. During her undergrad years in D.C., she was managing editor of the Georgetown Voice and has published works of writing in many genres including news, sports, leisure, and longform feature stories. She authored an undergraduate thesis about linguistic trends for native Spanish speakers in U.S. court systems. She also has tutoring experience with multilingual students who are Spanish speakers. Language(s): English and Spanish.


Caitlyn B. Speech and Hearing Science/Speech-Language Pathology

I have experience as a TA in the department of Speech and Hearing Science for the following courses: Evidence-Based Practice, Alternative and Augmentative Communication, and Disabilities in the Media. I am also currently an Academic Coach for Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES) and have enjoyed helping students through coaching for two semesters. Language(s): English.

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Caroline T. English

Having experience tutoring throughout my High School career, I am excited to get to continue working closely with students and their writing. Besides consulting, I am also involved in Greek life and the College Honors Program. Language(s): English.


Carrie J. Curriculum and Instruction

I am a PhD student in the College of Education, and my research interests are tied to writing instruction, multimodal composing, and writing studies. This is my third year at the Writers Workshop as a consultant. I also have taught English and writing methods courses for the College of Education and before that, I was a secondary English teacher in New York City. Language(s): English and Spanish (Intermediate).


Daniel M. Environmental Engineering

Hello, my name is Daniel Mendoza and I am obtaining my M.S. in Environmental Engineering. I received my B.S. in Environmental Science from UC Berkeley, where, under the Civil Engineering Department, I served as a teaching assistant for 2 years and head teaching assistant for 1 year. As a TA, I aimed to incorporate different avenues of learning to promote learning in students from different backgrounds, and I hope to continue that trend here at UIUC. Language(s): English and Spanish.


Eileen W. Linguistics

This is my third semester working at the Writers Workshop. I have experience as a teaching assistant for Spanish tutoring lessons and am currently pursuing a certification in Teaching English as a Second Language. When not at the Writers Workshop I work at the Intensive English Institute on campus. Language(s): English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi.

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Eliza S. Creative Writing

I was a part of the editorial staff for the Ninth Letter online edition, and I have years of experience tutoring/mentoring students in writing and STEM. Language(s): English.


Helen M. English

I teach literature and composition courses in the English Department and have served as an Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Rhetoric Program. This year is my fourth year at the Writers Workshop, where I’ve been a consultant, Assistant Director, and volunteer. I am completing graduate certificates through The Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies (HGMS) and The Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory. My research focuses on the migration of memory in Armenian, Palestinian, and American Indian/First Nations literatures. Language(s): English and Armenian.


Hilary M. Musicology

Hilary Brady Morris is a PhD candidate who has just returned from a year of dissertation research on Himalayan lutes in Nepal; she specializes in writing about music and sound. She enjoys all stages of the research and writing process and has years of experience tutoring STEM students in writing in the humanities. As a tutor, teacher, and learner, Morris is especially interested in understanding and utilizing diverse learning processes, especially for students with cognitive disabilities such as ADHD. Language(s): English and Tibetan. 


Isabelle C. Teaching English as a Second Language

I graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in English literature and Spanish and tutored Spanish and academic writing at USF and a local community college for over two years. While at UIUC, I have taught graduate and undergraduate ESL writing courses and am a founding editor of iō Literary Journal, a publication for diverse and under-represented writers and artists. Language(s): English and Spanish.

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Jack E. English / Psychology

I have been helping friends revise their papers since high school in addition to having more formal editing experience from my two years in newspaper in high school and semester of working as a student teaching assistant my senior year of high school. Additionally, most of my English courses have fostered collaborative writing experiences which involved thinking critically and providing feedback on other students’ work. Language(s): English.


Jacob S. English and History

I have formal writing experience with: English and History papers, resumes/CVs, and personal statements/statements of purpose among other genres. I also have an informal personal interest in creative writing projects of all kinds such as comics, poetry, prose, etc. Additionally, I have plenty of experience working with multilingual writers. Language(s): English. 


Jessica T. English / Creative Writing (Poetry)

I have taught both Rhetoric 105: “Writing and Research” and Creative Writing 106: “Intro to Poetry,” and have more than two years of experience as a writing tutor. While creative writing, literary criticism, and researched, argumentative essays are my main areas of expertise, I’ve worked in genres ranging from lab reports to commencement speeches. I hold degrees in English and Comparative Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and especially enjoy working with writers in the brainstorming stage of the writing process. Language(s): English and French. 


Lisa C. Global Studies in Education / Writing Studies

I received my MA in Teaching ESL, with a specialization in Writing Studies, at UIUC and have taught at universities in China and Vietnam, Boston, California, New York, and Illinois. I am now working on a PhD in Global Studies in Education, focusing on changing approaches to writing in increasingly multilingual classrooms. I began my work with English language and writing when I lived in Amsterdam, NL for twenty years–as an academic editor, teacher, short-story writer, and pirate radio presenter. Currently, I also teach at the Intensive English Institute, volunteer with the Education Justice Project training incarcerated men to teach ESL and assist international graduate students and their families at Orchard Downs housing, as a Community Aide. Language(s): English and Dutch.

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Liz M. English and Medieval Studies

I have 5 years of experience teaching writing and 2 of tutoring experience. I am happy to work with any kind of writing at any stage (even if you’re just thinking about what to write!). Language(s): English. 

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Madeline S. Labor and Employment Relations

Madeline received their BA in English Literature from Scripps College and is currently pursuing their MA in Human Resources and Industrial Relations at UIUC. An editor at heart, Madeline has experience providing feedback on a variety of writing material from personal statements and fellowship applications to lab reports and resumes. Madeline also has experience working with students from minority populations and individuals with disabilities from their prior work in community engagement. Language(s): English, Spanish, and Tagalog/Cebuano (limited/conversational).


Makayla D. History

I am a senior undergraduate student with a History major and an English minor. Moving into my last semester at the University and third semester as an undergraduate consultant, I am especially looking forward to working with writers that are new to the workshop. I focus on writing in the social sciences and humanities for my own studies but I am excited to work with anyone on anything! Language(s): English. 


María C. English/Writing Studies

I am a PhD candidate in English with a concentration in Writing Studies. My research interests include the literacy practices of Latinx students, Spanglish, archival historiography, and writing center and writing program theory and administration. I have taught Rhetoric 105 “Writing and Research” and INFO/WRIT 303 “Writing Across Media.” I particularly enjoy working with writers in the early stages of their writing processes and on long-term projects. Languages(s): English and Spanish. 


Nick S. French and Italian

I am a PhD candidate in French Studies with a primary interest in Theater and a minor in Cinema Studies. Having just completed my dissertation, I am prepared to work with writers on everything that goes into completing a long-term project: brainstorming, outlining, revising, etc. I also enjoy working with writers on the small details: topic sentences, transitions, sentence structure, etc. I believe that writing is a process and I am excited to help writers work through that process and achieve their writing goals in the Writers Workshop. Language(s): English and French.

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Rachel S. English

I have been a volunteer consultant at the Writers Workshop since 2ndsemester of my freshman year. Along with being comfortable with most English coursework, I have experience editing work for news production (AP style format). Language(s): English. 

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Rebecca X. Engineering/Computer Science

I’ve tutored at the Writer’s Workshop for a year and was a writing center tutor in high school for two years. Though I major in Computer Science, I’m also fairly comfortable with physics, math, Asian American studies, English, and history. Language(s): English and Mandarin (Spoken).


Sam O. Creative Writing

I was a Writing Tutor at high school (~1 yr), and have experience in editing and technical writing. My specialization is in creative writing and narrative as well as in grammatical science and general writing craft. Language(s): English. 

Sarah Z

Sarah Z. Library and Information Science/Public Librarianship

I received my BA in History with an emphasis on American history of marginalized populations, with a minor in Creative Writing from Knox College. During my undergraduate years I was also a frequent TA in fiction writing classes and workshops and served as a writing tutor for three years. I am now pursuing my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a focus on public librarianship at UIUC. I am comfortable with consulting with writers at all levels and across disciplines, but I particularly enjoy working with writers on their personal statements, cover letters and resumes, in fiction writing, and on organizational concerns. I also enjoy working with writer’s on long-term or ongoing projects. This will be my second year at the Writers Workshop. Language(s): English and French (Limited).

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Savannah B. English / Writing Studies

I tutored at my undergraduate school’s writing center for 3 years before attending UIUC. Here, I have taught RHET 105 for 3 years and am familiar with first-year writing/composition pieces. Language(s): English.


Sean O. Business Administration

I currently hold a BBA in Marketing and a MEd in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I have experience in APA, Business communication, and Creative Writing. Language(s): English. 


Tiffany H. Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership and Gender and Women’s Studies (Minor)

Prior to being a graduate student at UIUC, Tiffany was a high school social studies teacher in Atlanta Public Schools. She has much experience working with first-generation students and students of color through various programming such as the Principal Scholars Program, Summer Pre-doctoral Institute, and Illinois Scholars Program. Tiffany enjoys providing feedback on all types of writing, especially personal statements, course papers, proposals, and dissertation drafts. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia speaking English, yet, recognizes her speech patterns are rooted in Black English or African American English and a regional dialect, southern U.S. English. Language(s): English and Spanish (Novice-to-Intermediate).

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Tim B. Musical Arts: Performance and Literature (Voice), Musicology

I have a research base in Gender studies and Musicology specializing in feminism in the Victorian Era. In addition to working on a dissertation focusing on Jenny Lind and her tour with P.T. Barnum (1850-1851), I have also written on Aaron Copland and the McCarthy hearings as an exploration of Copland’s The Tender Land through Gender and Political studies. Language(s): English.


Tony C. Civil Engineering

I am a Civil Engineering major with a focus in Construction Management. I graduated last year with my Bachelor’s Degree and am now part of the Global Leaders in Construction Management (GLCM) Program. I have spent lots of time tutoring others in writing and especially on resumes for the organization I am part of, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Language(s): English and Spanish.

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Trayshawn S. MBA and MHRIR

I was a Graduate Student Resident Advisor for 3 years, Graduate Teaching Assistant for College of LAS, and Student Trustee for 3 years. I have Human Resources Intern experience and received a B.A. studying political science and communications. Language(s): English.

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Will Se. English / Creative Writing

I am a Creative Writing major within the English department finishing my senior year at UIUC. I have tutored outside of the Writers Workshop in diverse disciplines ranging from Art History to Philosophy to Gender and Women’s Studies and most of the humanities curriculum in-between but have been especially focused on writing within these domains. Language(s): English.

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Will Sc. Clinical Psychology

Hi there, I’m Will Schlitz. I’ve been tutoring English to a degree since age 10 and have been an academic tutor for 3 years now. Language(s): English.

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