Instructor Resources

The Writers Workshop can best support your students when you tell them about it early and often, frame it positively as a resource that everyone benefits from, and explain that everyone in the university–students and faculty–uses feedback in the writing process. We recommend that instructors:

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  • Include a syllabus statement about the Writers Workshop
  • Invite us to provide a short intro or share our intro video
  • Encourage all your students to attend
  • Remind them regularly throughout the semester
  • Explain what to expect from the writing center
  • Share how you use feedback in your own writing process

We ask that instructors avoid making a Writers Workshop visit a class requirement, because we cannot accommodate required use of the Workshop with our current staffing resources. We want students to have a positive first experience with the Writers Workshop so that they’ll return. However, you might consider providing extra credit for students who visit the Writers Workshop to receive feedback or attend one of our workshops. Please see our “Policies for Instructors” for more information.

In this section you’ll find resources on: