The Writers Workshop is committed to providing accessible and inclusive learning spaces. Our pedagogical methods are collaborative and adaptive to students’ needs and learning styles

To request disability-related accommodations for our services, please contact Dr. Carolyn Wisniewski at or call 217-333-8796.

Students are also encouraged to contact the Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services for information about University-provided accommodations.

Physical Accessibility

The Writers Workshop has four campus locations: the Main Library (our main location), Grainger Library, and the Molecular and Cellular Biology Learning Center. You can find more information about the accessibility of these spaces on our Locations page.

Digital Accessibility

In addition our face-to-face appointments, the Writers Workshop also offers online consultations. These real-time sessions use a combination of video / audio capabilities, online chatting, and a shared workspace to facilitate collaboration. These appointments are hosted in our online scheduling system, WCOnline, but you can share a link in the online chat or workspace if you’d prefer to work in a different platform.

You can access the text-only and mobile version of WCOnline by selecting the link at the top of the home page. You can then log in and either select a current appointment or create a new one.

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