Writer Testimonials

Writers love the Writers Workshop! In the last academic year, 98% of writers rated their sessions as “excellent” or “very good” in our anonymous post-session ratings. But why keep all the WW love behind the scenes?! We are pleased to share here endorsements for our various services. If you have a WW testimonial or endorsement you would like shared on our website or social media, you can send it here using this Google form. Of course, if you’d like to share a testimonial privately, please be sure to indicate that on the form. Other comments can be directed to wow@illinois.edu.


“This was such a good experience I literally texted half a dozen people within five minutes of ending the zoom call to recommend it. I feel so much more confident in my essay and in my ability to get a good grade with this. I feel ready to submit it, rather than questioning every word as I typically do in the hours before submitting an essay. I will be back many times this semester and all of the following. Thank you so, so much.”

“[My tutor] helped me navigate a genre of writing I was previously unfamiliar with this afternoon. We looked at examples of the genre to discuss how best to structure the one that I’ll be writing. She also did well to provide productive suggestions for how to move forward in my continued reading, research, and writing with this project over the next week. Very accommodating, a good listener, and helpful with suggestions and advice. Even when the genre or subject matter is out of her area of expertise, she does well both to engage with unfamiliar subject matter and to provide practical advice for next steps in writing.”

“[My tutor] and I have epic sessions where we talk about everything from the genesis of humanity to dreams to the use of mortal (or immortal) time. We also have really great conversations about my writing that always point me in new directions!”

“[My tutor] was very inspirational and provided excellent guidance on the overall structure of my writing. He was very supportive of my ideas. When he saw problems in my arguments, he helped me lay out the context and let me discover the problem by myself. This is a lot more helpful than telling me straight out what I did wrong and I think I will learn more if I come up with my own mistakes. Keep the positive vibe!”

“Thank you! It was my first Writers Workshop consultation, and [my tutor’s] enthusiasm and critical reflections of my writing assignment helped strengthen my writing and boosted my confidence. I’m so thankful for her support and warm welcome to the Writers Workshop experience.”

“[My tutor] was absolutely AMAZING! She gave great tips that I was not only able to apply to what I was seeking help on, but for other projects I’m working on as well! Such an awesome experience!”

“[My tutor] was so helpful and insightful! She gave concrete suggestions and explained the reasons for them well. I could understand where here advice was coming from, so it will help me with future writing, not just this paper. I came in feeling very stressed about this assignment and left feeling confident and capable, which was a huge turnaround in less than an hour.”